What to do with your kid: COVID-19 Day 3 – March 16 – Keeping Busy

Hey all! 

It’s me, Deanna, the teacher with 20+ years experience who, like you, is practicing social distancing at home with my child. I have decided to use my training and experience to develop a daily list of activities for you to do with your kids at home. 


Seriously, have them help you cook. Even if all you are doing is opening a can of soup and microwaving it, you are teaching them skills they need for adulthood. More traditional cooking involves a great deal of math, often the measurement of fractions.  Let them help you measure the ingredients and mix. Have them set the timer and monitor it. Yes, it will take longer than if you did it yourself and it will probably be messier, but you will build a lot of neural pathways in their brains. And you may inspire them to cook more.

For older children, have them research a recipe they think they can make in your cookbook collection or from sites like this one online. Have them make a shopping list and pick it up as part of your weekly shopping. (Bonus points if they can do it from the supplies you have laid in for your quarantine.)


Let’s be honest, no one likes cleaning, but it is a necessary evil. Especially during a pandemic. Give your kids a chance to do their part. Have them do the dishes or empty the dishwasher. Teach them to clean the toilet or put their laundry away. It is another step in helping them learn to be functioning adults and gives them an activity to do that can also incorporate a bit of physical activity.

And yes, they won’t be as good at it as you would. That doesn’t matter. Give them some gentle feedback and encouragement to improve. But let them do it.


Do some yoga. There are great videos on the Internet to lead you through it. 

Dance. There are video games that you can dance with. Some of those have made it onto the Internet as videos. Play them and let your kids dance.

Just move. There is a great website called Go Noodle that has TONNES of movement videos that involve exercise and dance.

Go for a walk. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go out. It means we need to limit contact with people that we don’t live with. There is a whole world out there. Go for a walk around the block. Drive to a local set of walking trails (weather permitting). Explore a neighbourhood that you have always wanted to see. (We may be heading to a wealthy neighbourhood to look at rich people’s houses.)

Build a Leprechaun Trap

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. As a lead up, have your kids make a leprechaun trap out of things you already have in the house. Lego and other toys. Craft supplies. Things from the recycling bin, like empty toilet paper rolls. Rumour has it many of us have more of those than we know what to do with.

When they are done, take some pictures to send to family or have them do a video chat with a loved one to show off their creation. Then leave it out to see if they catch a leprechaun. Don’t forget to take the bait but leave a treat, like candy or a few coins.

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